About Stonewall Japan

Look for our booth at Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2015! We will be located near the Tokyo Rainbow Pride registration booth. See you there :-)

In the mean time…join us on Facebook (closed group, please check your ‘other’ inbox when applying).

And if you are looking to get involved now fill out the new member application.

What is Stonewall Japan?

Stonewall Japan provides a safe space for the both the foreign and Japanese LGBTQ community and their allies in Japan. Our goal is to nurture the sense of community around Japan by hosting events, providing resources for getting along in Japan, and maintaining online communication forums, such as Facebook and Twitter. You are welcome to join our community. Check out the Getting Connected with Stonewall to learn more.


How can I find the LGBTQ community in my area of Japan?

Stonewall Japan has divided the prefectures of Japan into 6 regions, or blocks.  Find you block here! Next, please complete the member application. You may also want to join the Facebook page and announce your presence and ask if there are people near your city.

How can I find out about more LGBTQ events around Japan?

Block leaders send out monthly block email announcements about upcoming events happening in the Stonewall Japan community. Usually, the news  is limited to what is happening in the block, however, our Facebook page typically lists all block events. In addition, we are working on an all block calendar for this website in the near future.