picture 2The Nagoya Lesbian & Gay Revolution Plus (NLGR+) is happening May 30-31! Stonewall Japan, won’t have a booth, but we will have a presence! Join our Facebook to keep updated with our activities at NLGR+ or e-mail our Block 2 Leader for more information.

NEW JETS: If you want to have a chat before you come to Japan, we will be having Q&A web chat sessions all week from Mon 22nd – Sun 28th June, so sign up here! Also, for an introduction, have a read of this handout!

Did you take pictures at the U.S. Embassy booth or Community Center AKTA booth at Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2015? Click here for links to their pictures!

If you haven’t already, please join us on Facebook (closed group, please check your ‘other’ inbox when applying). We met so many people at Tokyo Rainbow Pride, we’d love to keep in touch!

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